Rye Patch Gold

Rye Patch Gold Acquisition

For Canadian Residents

Effective May 25, 2018, Alio Gold Inc. acquired all of the outstanding shares of Rye Patch Gold Corp., through a Plan of Arrangement dated March 18, 2018.  To make a tax deferred section 85 election for Canadian income tax purposes please see below. The tax election service is only available until August 23, 2018.

Step 1:  A questionnaire designed to gather information required to prepare the election form for Eligible Shareholders can be found here (Click on 'here' to access the questionnaire). Eligible shareholders means shareholders defined in the information circular and qualifies for the tax-deferred rollover of the shares held. The completed questionnaires can be emailed to: rye.patch.tax.election@ca.pwc.com.

Step 2: PwC will prepare and review the tax elections based on the information provided. An electronic signature (of the Transferee) will be appended to the election form. Information provided that is missing or does not appear correct will be returned to the shareholders for correction via email.

Step 3: The election will be emailed to the shareholders for signature and for filing with the CRA

PwC Tax Election Hotline: Shareholders can leave voicemails at 1-855-348-5088 on questions related to the tax election process. PwC will manage the tax hotline and will return any voicemails received within 24-48 hours. Please Note - it is not the responsibility of the hotline to provide any tax advice to the shareholders and is specifically to answer and process questions about the tax election. All other inquiries from shareholders will be redirected to the shareholders' person tax advisors.


For US Taxpayers

Form 8937 may contain relevant information for U.S. taxpayers. The information in the form does not constitute tax advice and does not purport to be a complete description of the potential tax implications of the transaction and that each taxpayer is urged to speak with their own tax advisor.

Download Form 8937