Earning Investor’s Confidence

We are committed to earning the trust of our shareholders and other stakeholders by implementing and practising effective principles of corporate governance. This follows from our dedication to conducting our affairs with integrity and transparency.

Direction and stewardship of governance practices begin with the Board of Directors. Ultimately, however, all employees are responsible for upholding a culture of honesty, integrity and accountability.

The Board of Directors comprises six directors, who bring their wealth of experience and expertise to the Company. The Board is elected by the shareholders to oversee their interests in the long-term health and financial strength of the business.

Effective governance is an essential component of a fair and efficient capital market, and it is therefore crucial to Alio Gold’s continued success.


Board Committees

Effective Oversight

The Board of Directors of Alio Gold has established the Audit and Compensation, Corporate Governance and Nominating Committees. Both are made up of unrelated directors, and they report to the Board of Directors.

Below is a summary of our committee structure and membership information. To read more about any of the committees, please refer to the Mandates and Policies below. For more about our board members, please visit the Board of Directors area of our website.

Mandates and Policies

Managing Accountability

Mandates have been developed for each of the Board committees. Governance policies are routinely reviewed, appraised and modified to meet standards.

Key corporate governance mandates, policies and practices include:

Mandates and Policies

Whistleblower Information – for further information on where to direct any actual or potential violations click here