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We hope the following FAQs will answer some of your questions about the job application process at Alio Gold

What happens after I apply for a job?

After you submit your online application we will send you an automated email response, confirming receipt of your application. Alio Gold’s HR Department and Hiring Supervisors responsible for each job you apply for will review your skills and experience, and inform you if your application is to be progressed further in the selection process. If you are not successful, we will retain your resume in our database. Should a future position match your skill set, an Alio Gold Recruiter will contact you.

Can I apply to more than one job at a time?

Absolutely. You are welcome to apply for any of our job postings that you believe match your skill set and career aspirations.

How can I communicate directly with an Alio Gold Recruiter or Hiring Supervisor?

Please email:
For Corporate positions please email your application to
For site based positions please email